Taking Notes Immediately Following an Auto Accident

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When you’re in a car accident sometimes you may not understand yourself how it happened, but the best thing to do immediately after am accident is to write down everything. Although you may be a little shook up or injured, it’s important to remember what happened.

After the accident, quickly write down everything you remember happening, because a few days down the road you may forget important pieces of information. Along with how the accident happened, write down information such as: the time, weather conditions, where you were going, and who you were with. After speaking with the others involved in the accident, write down anything important they may have said. If you meet with a St. Louis lawyer, have these handy.

In the following days don’t ignore any pains you may be having, this will help if you get a personal injury attorney involved with your case. Unusual headaches, or maybe back or neck pain? If you experience things like anxiety or loss off sleep, jot these down as well. Visiting a doctor may be smart as well; a small bump or cracking noise may lead to further injury down the road, a doctor’s diagnosis can help when demanding additional compensation from an accident.

If you’ve been in an accident, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with Londoff Law Firm. We’re always here to help our neighbors in need in the St. Louis area.