Here at Londoff Law Firm we believe in getting each and every client in the St. Louis area what he or she deserves, no matter the circumstance. If you’re facing any type of personal injury, your pain is enough suffering; don’t suffer through lost wages or trying to pay for medical bills after an accident too – let us help. In our 28 years we’ve helped a variety of St. Louis citizens in multiple practice areas including:

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are defined by an accident causing an injury that is due, in part, to another’s failure to use reasonable care. Personal injury can be a result of a variety of incidents such as: car accidents, pedestrian accidents, defective products, slip and fall, and more. Our St. Louis attorneys are familiar with each of these personal injury incidents and are ready to help.  Learn More

Workers Compensation

If yourself or a loved one has experienced an injury at work, whether it’s the fault of the employee or the employer’s own negligence, you may be entitled to certain benefits. Workers comp includes such benefits as wage-loss benefits, medical treatment, and rehabilitation. Employers have lawyers on their side, why not have a great St. Louis lawyer on your side as well?  Learn More

Slip and Fall

Companies and citizens alike are responsible for maintaining their property; sidewalks, driveways, store aisles, etc., so they are safe for pedestrian use. When you slip and fall on another’s property you may be able to recover damages by filing a personal injury claim, and we’re here to help you do just that.  Learn More

Auto Accidents

We represent individuals that have been hit by drunk or distracted drivers, victims of a hit-can-run, in collisions or rollovers. If you’ve been in any type of car accident, our lawyers have the experience to get you what you deserve.  Learn More

Semi-Tractor Accidents

Injuries resulting from car accidents involving semi-trucks, or tractor trailers, can be serious due to the size of the vehicle. Semi drivers are often driving while fatigued after a long drive at high speeds, which can create fatal outcomes. If you’ve suffered an injury from a commercial vehicle, 18 wheeler, or semi tractor, our St. Louis law firm is here to help.  Learn More

Traffic Tickets

Before you pay that traffic ticket, talk to us. We can help get your ticket fines in St. Louis, or any other city in Missouri, reduced or completely dismissed. On top of that our attorneys will help keep your driving record free of points.  Learn More

If you think you have a case under any of these areas, contact us for a free consultation.