Londoff Law Firm have many years of experience handling personal injury matters for plantiffs.  This gives us, and our injured clients, a significant advantage.  We know how to obtain outcomes for our clients without the need for expensive and time consuming litigation work.  Our clients need fair and expeditious results, and we make that a matter of practice.

We seek any and all possible damages for St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyersinjured clients, while thoroughly investigating the claim.  This includes pursing compensation for wage loss, medical expenses and pain and suffering.

We meet with clients at any time and place that is convenient for them.  We provide a free consultation to answer questions about the legal process related to personal injury claims.

You don’t pay unless you win, it’s that simple.

St. Louis Accident Attorneys

The injuries you receive in an accident will often have financial considerations beyond the need for medical care.  Londoff Law Firm represents victims seeking compensation for damages related to accidents and events that resulted in personal injury or wrongful death.  As accident attorneys, we can assist with all stages of the personal injury claim process, from preparation of your personal injury claim to working with your insurance company.

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