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Top 9 Common Heating Service and Furnace Repair Issues

There are a variety of points that can go wrong with a furnace. When the temperature drops, the experts at AAA Home Service get plenty of telephone calls concerning busted or defective heating units.

Call us to fix your heater and take steps to guarantee you remain cozy this winter months.

Most Common Home Heating Concerns House Owners Experience

1. Poor Maintenancehvac furnance repair

Similar to any of the machinery in your house, your heating system needs normal maintenance. If you stop working to set up examinations or tidy the heaters, air filter, as well as duct you might wind up with a broken or inadequately functioning heating system.  Furnace clean and check service twice a year is very important to the proper upkeep of your furnace.

2. Clogged Air Filters

Dirty air filter.If your filters are unclean, the heating system will certainly have difficulty flowing air.

A couple of aspects that can result in clogged up air filters consist of the sort of air filter you use, the difference in between the air high quality in your house and also the air top quality you need, whether you have family pets, how many people reside in your house, and just how much contamination exists in the location around and beyond your residence.

3. Use & Tear From Daily Use

It is common for heating units to malfunction from over-use, especially during the winter months. If you utilize your heating system consistently as well as it is an older system, eventual malfunction might be inescapable.

Normal maintenance can assist you avoid these problems, specifically with more youthful furnace.

4. Broken Thermostatnest installation of thermostat

When your thermostat damages it can lead to faulty fan which can create convenience problems. If your thermostat breaks, you will certainly probably demand to call a professional to have it replaced.

5. Faulty Ignition Control or Pilot Light

In a gas heating system, the pilot light allows the heater to provide heat. In various other heating unit, the ignition control serves this purpose. If either goes out, you might quit receiving heat.

It’s cool when your heating system isn’t creating sufficient or any type of heat.

6. Not Heating Home Well Enough

If you are not getting any kind of warmth and your pilot light or ignition control gets on, your heater might have thermostat, gas, or power issues.  A stopped up filter can result in inadequate levels of warm. If you do not have a clogged up filter but your area is still not cozy sufficient, your heating system might be also small for the area it is attempting to heat.

7. Cycles Regularly

When a heating system consistently cycles between on and also off it may indicate bad thermostat settings. If altering your thermostat settings does not function, your heating unit can have a stopped up filter or inappropriate air flow.

8. Too Loud

Heating systems make different sounds as they operate, but if you hear abnormal rattles or squeals you might have a mechanical problem. These noises can additionally represent decreased air movement and clogged up heaters.

9. Blower Runs Constantly

When the blower remains to run it is a sign that you have a broken or faulty limitation switch.

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Preparing for Winter: Installing Outdoor Lighting

The days get shorter and the nights get longer as we get deeper into the winter season with the end of daylight savings time. St Louis gets dark as early as 5p, leaving very little time for families to enjoy their porches, decks, and yards without some lighting assistance

AAA Home Electrical ServiceLandscape lighting plays a pivotal role in the way you use your home’s outdoor spaces. Whether the kids are playing in the yard, you and your spouse are having a relaxing, romantic evening, or you’re entertaining guests over dinner and drinks – exterior lightning can make or break the atmosphere. With options that are both decorative and functional, AAA can help you turn your yard into the perfect evening space. 

In addition to assisting evening activities, outdoor lighting brings safety to your home. Improve your space by brightening your yard and walkways, and giving your home a safer, more welcoming appearance. Motion activated lights add security to your home, lighting up your space and warding off those that choose to move in the dark.

Furthermore, professionally installed outdoor lighting can highlight and accentuate the best aspects of your home’s exterior and surrounding landscape. AAA Home Services offers a wide variety of outdoor lighting options to illuminate your landscaping and give your yard a beautiful look all hours of the day.

Our electricians have been welcomed and trusted in homes throughout St. Charles and St. Louis since 1970. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation for your property’s outdoor lighting!

Preparing for Winter: Prevent Plumbing Problems

Many St Louis homes have plumbing water lines running through their basements. During the cold fall and winter months, when our temperatures drop below freezing point, it puts your plumbing lines at risk for possible freeze and breakage. A busted pipe can result in flooding, causing major water damage, property destruction, and costly repair. 

As we work our way through the fall season, homeowners should do everything they can to avoid freeze-related plumbing issues. We’ve got a few tips to help you get your home ready.

Tips to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter

  • Turn the Heat On: The first easy step to prevent pipes from freezing is to keep your heat set above 50 degrees. Setting your thermostat at 50 or above should keep your pipes and the water inside warm enough to prevent it from freezing. Check out our blog post on Home Heating, and schedule a furnace check and cleaning with AAA Home Services today. 
  • Insulate Your Pipes: Make sure your pipes are well insulated, and add extra insulation in basements if needed. Exposed pipes can be fitted with rubber or fiberglass sleeves to keep the piping warm. For piping that is located inside walls, you can add extra insulation to the walls themselves. This step is the most important for exterior walls that are closest to the cold outdoor air. 
  • Seal Gaps Where Cold Air Passes: Seal up any areas around where plumbing pipes run through walls, cabinets, or floors – especially gaps that let in cold air. Fill the gaps with caulk or spray foam insulation. If both the interior and exterior sides of the gap are accessible, seal both sides. This will prevent the cabinets where your plumbing pipes run, which are already typically cold, from getting even colder.
  • Locate Your Shut-Off Valve: As a back-up, you and your family members should also know how to locate and operate the water shut-off valve in the event that a plumbing pipe does burst.

Whether you need help preparing or repairing your plumbing pipes, AAA is here to help! We’ve been a leader in home plumbing service needs since 1970, and always have professional, licensed plumbers ready to help you with anything plumbing-related. Give us a call at 636-238-1786 or 314-968-3050 for same or next day service!

Preparing for Fall: Remove Cold Spots with Ductless Heating

Are there rooms or spaces in your home that your current heating system doesn’t reach? Ductless heating systems are an affordable alternative to heating individual rooms in your St Louis home. Skip the hassle of upgrading or installing ductwork and save time, money, and messes.  Read More

Nest Learning Smart Thermostat

Preparing for Fall: Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Maximize your comfort this autumn and winter by upgrading your furnace system with a Nest Learning Thermostat. This advanced smart thermostat works to learn your family’s habits and adjusts itself to fit your daily needs. 

Nest Learning Thermostat Features

  • Remote Smartphone Control: The Nest Learning Thermostat allows you to control the temperature in your home from anywhere, as long as you have your phone on hand. For instance, with a few taps on your phone, you can come home to a house already warmed up to the perfect temperature. 
  • Long-Term Learning: The Nest Learning Thermostat tracks your thermostat settings and habits in order to learn your temperature preferences. Using this information, it can program itself to your schedule in about a week.
  • Lower Energy Bills: Using sensors, algorithms, and your phone’s location, the Nest Thermostat will turn itself down when no one is home. This helps you save energy while lowering heating and cooling costs. Average households see a return on their investment in just one year! 
  • Track Usage: With a Nest thermostat, you can check your daily energy usage in the Energy History report. The report shows you the daily frequency and length that your heating system has run. This allows you to make smarter choices about your schedule and temperature preferences. Additionally, the thermostat offers an HVAC monitoring feature that can help you look after your home. Since your thermostat has learned your daily patterns, it can detect any unusual or unexpected usage patterns.
  • Easy Install: When you purchase your Nest Learning Thermostat through AAA Home Services, we’ll take care of the installation for you! No need to fuss with breakers, units, or confusing wiring – we’ll take care of it all.

Let the Nest Thermostat take care of your heating habits this winter. Enjoy a smarter, easier, happier home with the help of AAA Home Services’ electricians. Give us a call or book an appointment to discuss setting up a smart thermostat in your home or office.

When should you call a HVAC Professional for Furnace Repair?

Are you prepared if your furnace suddenly breaks down in the middle of a chilly winter? What if it starts emitting cold air instead of hot air when you start your system on?

A furnace has electrical components that, like any gadget, have the potential to malfunction at any given time regardless of age. Staying on top of furnace maintenance will prevent your heating system from failing when you need it most.

While some furnace issues can be troubleshot at home yourself, temporary DIY fixes or alterations can end up decreasing the efficiency or shortening the life of your furnace. If anything more than a small adjustment is required for your furnace to run properly, your best option is to call an HVAC Professional for Furnace Repair. AAA Home Services offers you the award-winning Furnace Repair Service with guaranteed satisfaction and value for money.

Before calling for professional HVAC services, you can take a look at your hvac system for these common furnace related issues:

  • Check For A Faulty Thermostat: Whenever you face any problem with your furnace, the first thing to check is your home system’s thermostat. A common issue is that thermostats are simply set incorrectly, so make sure that your thermostat is set to the proper temperature settings with the fan mode on “Auto”. Double check that your thermostat is not set up next to a heat source that could alter its readings, and make sure it’s free of any dust or dirt that could alter its ability to take accurate readings.

  • Look For Damaged Ducts: The ducts transfer the hot air produced by your furnace throughout your home. A leakage in these ductworks can cause the air circulating in your home to lose its heat, become colder, and then be unable to heat your house to the required temperature you desire.

  • Replace Air Filters Regularly to Prevent An Overheated Furnace: The main cause of an overheated furnace is jammed air filters. In order for your system to work efficiently, it is crucial to ensure that the filters are free from dirt and dust, allowing the air to pass through the system freely. A blocked filter will prevent air from moving freely, which causes the system to overheat. Recurring overheating can cause severe damage to the heat exchanger.

Why is it important to call an HVAC Professional for Furnace Repair?

If your heating system has leaks that do not get repaired, it could lead to air contamination in your home. There are some gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide, created by your system that are emitted outside the house by a properly functioning system. Faulty vents could cause these gases to circulate inside your home, causing severe respiratory problems and allergies.

Trying to fix these problems on your own without proper HVAC knowledge and training could lead to serious injuries or damage to your home, such as electrical shocks, damage to the system itself, or even fire and explosions. Improper DIY maintenance and repair can also lead to much more costly repairs for your system down the line. It is always recommended to call a trained professionally licensed HVAC repair specialist, such as AAA Home Services, to maintain and repair your home system according to proper guidelines and safety measures.

Why is HVAC professional recommended for Furnace repair?John HVAC Mgr

There are several reasons why trained and licensed HVAC professionals are your best and only choice for Furnace repair:

  • The Right Diagnosis – DIY solutions tend to put a bandaid on larger issues. An essential aspect of proper furnace repair is deciphering the correct reason for the problem; in many cases, there could be more than one issue. HVAC professionals with experience and supporting knowledge will find and treat the source of all issues so that your system doesn’t continue to experience problems that previously went unnoticed.

  • Accurate and Absolute Repair – What is the good of doing a job, if not done right the first time? Mistakes, quick fixes, and sloppy jobs can all cause more headache and costly repairs in the future. Get the confidence and satisfaction of a job done right the first time by trusting a professional.  Always go for professional HVAC  AAA Home Services for Furnace repair.

  • Insurance – Professional HVAC service members are required to be licensed, bonded, and insured. These prerequisites mean that your repairs are always done by someone you can trust – which might not be the case if repairs are taken care of by amateurs

  • The Right Tools – HVAC professionals use specialized tools for their work that require special training to properly fix your furnace. Using the incorrect tools, or even the using the correct tools incorrectly, can create alternative problems for your machine.

  • Find Comfort Faster – An experienced professional will diagnose the problem accurately and take steps to repair the furnace in the shortest possible amount of time, giving service priorities to you and your family’s comfort.

Our qualified and seasoned HVAC professionals are certified to install, maintain and repair any Furnace make and model. We are champions in managing heating and cooling systems. Our years of experience and high customer satisfaction rates ensure your complete satisfaction and peace of mind when you call AAA Home Services for Furnace repairs.

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Microwave Oven Repair

Microwave Oven Repair

AAA Home Services has been repairing all brands of microwave ovens since their AAA Service Truck in drivewayinception in the 1970s in St. Louis and St. Charles.  AAA is the leader in Appliance Repair in the Greater St. Louis and St. Charles area.

A number of things can go wrong with microwave ovens, including diode burnouts, faulty switches and magnetron failures.  We will quickly diagnose the problem and get the parts necessary to get yours running again.

Repairing all Types of Microwave Ovens

We will repair any type of microwave oven including: Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Whirlpool.

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American Standard

Navigating the Rebates, Tax Credits and Savings on HVAC and Water Heaters in 2020

A popular question right now… “Is this a good time to upgrade my HVAC or Water Heater in my home?”

Here’s the breakdown of the Current Rebates (Ameren Rebates and Spire Rebates), Tax Credits and Savings from AAA Home Services, Utilities and Manufacturers on HVAC and Water Heaters.

HVAC System Savings:
Up to $2,000 savings on American Standard Equipment. This includes rebates from Ameren on high efficiency units and discounts and savings from AAA and American Standard. In addition, 0% interest financing is available for 60 months for qualified buyers. Installation of a smart thermostats like Nest will include a $50 rebate from Ameren.

Water Heater Savings:
Up to $450 on tank water heaters and up to $750 savings off tankless water heaters. This includes rebates from Spire, federal tax credits and discounts from AAA. 18 months same as cash is available as well.

AAA Home Services will help you get the best deal available when upgrading your home HVAC or Water Heaters. We will help you understand and apply for all rebates as well. Call AAA today for a free quote on a new system: 314-514-4084 or 636-707-2309.

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